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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install my Aiptek camcorder’s drivers and/or ArcSoft Bundled software on the new Windows Vista or 7 operating systems?
Yes - click this link for detailed instructions


How do I find my serial and/or model number on my Aiptek camcorder?  Click this link to find your serial number


Installing the software program that was included with my camcorder I am being prompted to enter a CD Key - Where do I find this?  Click here for key location and even universal keys


What options do I have working with my HD videos on my Windows system?  Click here to find out



News & Alerts

If you are experiencing audio issues with your Action-HD GVS (model: V5Z5S) please click here for the GVS Firmware Update


Follow this link to download the new PocketCinema T20 (model: RVT6) Windows 7 Driver


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