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720P HD Video


Dual Sensors

The Aiptek 3D-HD is the ONLY pocket camcorder that captures 2D and 3D in High Definition.  While others shoot in lower, VHS type resolutions, the Aiptek 3D-HD captures pristine quality, 720p HD video.


Dual 12 Mega Pixel (interpolated) High Definition sensors and  side by side  technology capture two different viewing positions.



3D Still Photos


3D Live View Display

Thanks to the 3D-HD's dual 5MP sensors, you can capture stunning 3D digital still images.  The camcorder merges each half size of the Left and Right image to equal one final image in 3D!


Aiptek's 3D-HD utilizes "Parallax Barrier" technology on its LCD preview screen so that you can enjoy a Live 3D view while you record.  A Parallax Barrier basically takes the Polarized glasses that you would wear in the movie theater and embeds them into the screen so that you can view your videos in 3D without the need for glasses.



One Touch Recording


Record "Pause"

The 3D-HD is extremely simple to use!  Record 3D videos with one touch of a button; take snapshots with one touch of a button; playback your videos and pictures with one touch of a button. 


Now you can pause the action while recording video clips!  Eliminates having to tie video clips together at a later time with video editing software.



nVideo 3D Vision Compatible


YouTube 3D

Capture, edit and playback all of your 3D creations utilizing state-of-the-art Active-Shutter 3D technology for unparalleled 3D quality.


YouTube now supports 3D video playback all the way up to 720p which is perfect for Aiptek's 3D-HD, the ONLY consumer 3D camcorder that records in HD. The 3D-HD's included software bundle includes a simple to use 3D video editing program that uploads directly to YouTube with the click of a button.


Playback on HDTV & Monitor


3D HDTV Playback

Once you convert your photos and videos, you can play them directly on your existing computer, HDTV, or even print them out! Grab a pair of your included Red/Blue glasses to view your 3D creations anytime, anywhere!


The 3D-HD's MP4 format is compatible with most new 3D HDTVs and also laptops and PCs  equipped with 3D cards.  Whether it be Anaglyph, Polarized, or Active-Shutter technology, Aiptek's new 3D-HD has the perfect solution for you!



Universal Size Tripod Port


Removable Hard Disk

Add the flexibility of mounting your camcorder to any 1/4" universal sized tripod, windshield mount, or bicycle mount.


Expand the memory capacity with an SD card up to 32 GB to record longer and take more pictures. Store any type of data on the camera and take it with you!


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